Board-Level Design

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With technology constantly evolving, count on our team to create printed circuit boards that embody the latest technologies and design principles—all while meeting IPC standards. Depending on your requirements, our work can be done using Allegro®, Altima®, or PADS® software.

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Areas of Expertise

Printed Circuit Board Design

Schematic Layout

Schematic Integrity

Signal Integrity

High-layer count boards (36+)

Micro-vias, blind and buried vias

Flex and Rigid Flex

Fine pitch (<0.5mm) BGA technology

Metal-Core PCB

Controlled impedances, differential pairs, matched trace lengths

Design for manufacturing

PCB Design Tools



PADS Logic





"We weren’t sure if we had an FPGA issue or a board-level issue. We were introduced to DesignLinx and after some discussions they offered both an FPGA code review and a Schematic and Signal Integrity review. Ultimately it turned out that the signal integrity analysis caught a marginal issue. We spun the board and the problem was fixed!”

Wireless Solutions Developer