Go to market faster with DesignLinx QuickStart.

What is QuickStart?

Convenient, flexible, and remarkably effective, DesignLinx QuickStart® brings decades of AMD design experience to you. Featuring three components—Learning Workshop, Xpert-on-Demand™, and Board-on-Demand™—QuickStart is flexible. Choose one, two, or all three components, depending on your team’s needs.

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DesignLinx, the Premier Coaching Service Provider for AMD North America.

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Choose only the services you need.

Have AMD credits? You can apply them.

Learning Workshop

Expand your team’s skills with a customized two- to three-day learning workshop. Engaging, interactive, and practical, workshop topics are selected and tailored to meet your team’s unique needs and goals.

What topics are available?

Topics are tailored to meet your team’s unique needs and goals. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Versal™ ACAP
  • Recommended FPGA Design Methodologies
  • Embedded Design
  • Algorithm Acceleration
  • System Design
  • Verification: SystemVerilog, UVM
  • High-Speed Signal Integrity/Power Integrity
  • Backplane Architecture and Design

How many topics are covered in a workshop?

A workshop can cover as many topics as you like. We craft the learning experience to meet your objectives and your team's specific skill set.

How long are the workshops?

Workshops may be one day or several days, depending on the number of topics covered. Sessions typically start at 9:00 a.m. and run until 5:00 p.m., including short breaks and a lunch break. Multiple-day workshop sessions can be scheduled consecutively, several days apart, or even weeks apart, depending on your team's schedule.

How are workshops delivered?

We deliver the same high-quality material through either live virtual sessions or in person, at your location.

DesignLinx Xpert-on-Demand

Maximize project momentum. Give your team direct access to a senior DesignLinx FPGA engineer, whenever help is needed.

How does Xpert-on-Demand work?

Simply open a ticket and one of our senior engineers will contact you via email, phone, or video conference. As your case proceeds, progress is tracked in our help-desk system, making it easy for you—and your teammates—to monitor progress.

How quickly will Xpert-on-Demand respond when I have a question?

A DesignLinx senior engineer will respond to your question within one business day.

Does Xpert-on-Demand include design services?

No; however, DesignLinx provides comprehensive FPGA design services. If you'd like to learn more, contact us.

DesignLinx Board-on-Demand

Try before you buy an AMD evaluation board with QuickStart Board-on-Demand.

How long can I use one of the boards?

Once approved by your AMD FAE or Avnet FAE to use the Board-on-Demand system, you can reserve a virtual board for a period of one-to-five consecutive days. You can make more than one reservation in a 12-month period, but all your reservations—when added together—cannot exceed 30 days during that period.

How do I connect to the board?

You connect using the AMD Hardware Manager—just like you would if the board was on your desk!

What is the cost?

AMD Training Credits can be used for DesignLinx Board-on-Demand™. Contact us for more information.

What level of support is available while using boards?

Coaching and guidance is available through DesignLinx Xpert-on-Demand—AMD Training Credits can be applied.

"The DesignLinx engineering team provides expertise in firmware and embedded software development over a wide range of applications, including low-latency image processing and high-speed hardware interfaces, which are key components for our optical systems. They have in-depth knowledge of the most current hardware and development tools which has allowed us to develop systems efficiently and deliver on tight schedules."

Optical Sensors and Laser Beam Control Systems Developer

"DesignLinx is a professional business with deep technical expertise built into their team. They provides excellent quality work at competitive costs. They have impressed me with their attention to detail, quality, and above and beyond communication. I will definitely continue to reach out to DesignLinx for future opportunities that arise.”

Manufacturer of Solid-State Power Conversion and Protection Equipment

"We weren’t sure if we had an FPGA issue or a board-level issue. We were introduced to DesignLinx and after some discussions they offered both an FPGA code review and a Schematic and Signal Integrity review. Ultimately it turned out that the signal integrity analysis caught a marginal issue. We spun the board and the problem was fixed!”

Wireless Solutions Developer